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Fireproof Curtains - Curtains

Decoratel places special emphasis on the correct adaptation of their products to comply with the regulations.

Thereby ensuring not only a quality product particularly suitable for public facilities concurrence, of which an optimal and lasting result is expected. But it also meets all the specifications required by the various national rules as NBE.CPI-96 or the entry into force recently Euroclase 2000.

With our guaranteed and backed by official laboratories duly approved by the ENAC and certifying their different degrees of ignifucacion, soundproofing, smoke density, toxicity and other security parameters duly accredited tissue.

If you have any doubt in this regard, please consult our technical advice. While these permanent and continuous contact with the various authorities.

Department which will help and advise you about the different regulations to comply, by type usage and activity of its dependencies. Offering the most feasible and lasting solution within the framework and techniques to follow specifications. Without forgetting the importance of design, color and style of the different tissues, which should be in perfect harmony and integrated into the existing decor.

Decoratel. Flame retardant fabrics for public facilities since 1.974