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Fireproof Fabrics

Fireproof Class M1

Flame retardant fabrics, fire retardant fabrics, velvets are mainly fireproof products manufactured by Decoratel. Industry leader with over 35 years experience.

Decoratel has to his credit, one of the most vast experiences of few companies in the sector its place in our country. For Decoratel is undoubtedly the leader and pioneer in its sector with the largest collection of technical fabrics for use in public facilities.

We are manufacturers and wholesalers importers wholesale all kinds of technical fabrics. Whether special fabrics sound absorption, waterproof fabrics, fireproof fabrics, technical textiles, fabrics and foscurit opaque; and a wide selection of fireproof curtains and upholstery velvets for theatres, nightclubs, museums, halls, catering and all kinds of public facilities. We have our 16 collections fireproof velvets of different weights, textures , designs and colors as well as different widths.

Ceilings . Silks . Sheers . Scenographic darkening . Fireproof velvets . Mats . M0 fiberglass . Meshes . Canvases . Gauze . Tulle and all kinds of special fabrics for lining, upholstery and scenic backgrounds among others.

For Decoratel has a selection of fabrics that will delight the most ambitious projects. There is everything from velvet fabrics, technical fabrics to acoustic, opaque, non-combustible absorption, to tissues with diamonds and precious stones for the finest projects.

Please visit your nearest phone or simply contact us delegation, and trade in their city will communicate with you to visit their facilities and to give you all the advice you need.

Decoratel. The value of experience.