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Curtains for Theaters

Factory Curtains for Theaters

Decoratel is one of the leading companies in manufacturing large backdrops for theaters and stages, being a benchmark in the theater curtain. Curtains for theaters employees in the leading and most prestigious theaters in our country.

Using your installation, most innovative motorized rail systems, which guarantee perfect operation; Warranted for a period of up to 15 years. Decoratel systems imported from the best French and German manufacturers, home to major industries and industrial automation systems for use in public assembly facilities.

Decoratel has some important facilities, which allow us the industrial manufacturing and testing real and hung the curtains in the manufacturing process up to 8 meters high fall, thereby avoiding, tests and adjustments on the spot itself, which would delay greatly the implementation process.

As DecoratelESPAÑA ranks as one of the leading Spanish companies with highly qualified to operate in height, able to perform great works of theater anywhere in Spain in no time technical support and human resources.

Decoratel meets national and European standards for preventive fire safety. We certify all our works, with the best official certificates and leaves trials laboratories accredited by ENAC. All our fabrics are M1 classification.